Website Monitoring Features

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Uptime & Page Response Monitoring tests your website’s availability in intervals automatically, from over 12 countries worldwide. We cover all continents.

Web Performance & Page Speed Monitoring

We automatically analyze page load times from different locations, to show your website’s performance.

Website screenshots

We will create site screenshots from each test location. You can check how the page is displayed to your visitors.

SSL Certificates Monitoring

SSL certificates are sometimes tricky business. We make sure that your certificate is valid, checking expiration date, issuer and much more.

Website javaScript console errors

What if your Javascript Code causes problems? Discover them with efficiently and quickly. It's as easy as opening a console right in your browser.

Webpages Antivirus Scans

Check and ensure that your website hasn’t been infected with viruses, trojans and malware that could cause harm to your website visitors or even penalisation in Google ranks. DomainNinja scans and alerts you the moment a threat is detected.

Website Downtime Alerting

In the event of a failure or any problem, we will notify you by email, SMS or slack. Just set the rules.

Webpages DNS Monitoring

We regularly check your site's DNS records, such as DKIM, SPF, and records, TXT records, and so on.

Worldwide Uptime Probes

We automatically monitor your site from 12 locations around the world.

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Website Adds Monitoring

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Android App

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Website Performance Testing Solution

We want to be your helper, we want to protect you, we want to be here for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Give us a chance.

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  • Awesome support
  • Unlimited users
  • Awesome pricing
Its FREE, test your website now.

Web Uptime Monitoring

We keep the domain monitoring data for 30 days. With paid accounts that will be available soon, there will be much more.

  • Page speed data
  • Uptime monitoring data
  • Login logs
  • Screenshots
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Website security automated tests

We are constantly working on improving our services, monitoring reliability and much more. See what's new for you in our technical kitchen...

  • Status Pages
  • Improved security
  • Domain security suggestions
  • Android and iOS Apps
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Our pricing

WE are in BETA no prices for now, only some few limitations. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Ninja Acolyte (FREE)
$0 /mo
Totaly FREE / No commitments
Up to 10 domains
8 test locations
Screenshots once a day
Uptime monitoring interval 1 minute
Page Speed monitoring interval 120 minutes
Data retention 7 days
1 User account


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